Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DO!: Design Opportunity

Trays Journal ( and SoCA have collaborated for the GSD's first annual compendium on socio-cultural awareness in design entitled DO!: Design Opportunity.

The goal of the publication is to showcase the myriad of GSD student work that contribute to the discourse on the global and regional role of socially conscious design. In the context of the growth of advocacy and grassroots initiatives within the profession, and in light of such exhibitions as MoMA's "Small Scale, Big Change," it was integral to showcase the contribution that such considerations can have on both a macro and micro scale. The information culminated in this publication is to be accessible to designers and spectators alike, further improving the quality of discussion in the public realm.

The release of the publication will be marked by a reception to follow the public Bryan Bell Lecture on Open House Day, November 5th, 2010 in the lobby from 5:30-6:30pm alongside the release of the new GSD Platform 3. Hope you will join us!

A symposium and initiative to increase diversity in the design professions.
Download registration form ∙ studentfaculty/professional

Harvard GSD and Design Corps host the latest offering of the annual SFI conference series on design and social action. SFI8 conference website ∙

Call for Papers and Media: Students and professionals are encouraged to submit papers, media and projects that engage this year's SFI theme of design agency and "systems" for inclusion. Selected papers will be published in the online GSD student-run journal, re: